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Mission Statement
When You're In Trouble, Experience Counts. It's Your Future.
I became a licensed attorney in 1990 and have practiced law in northeastern North Carolina ever since. I spent 20 years with a fine law firm, 15 of which as a partner. During that time I built a very successful practice, primarily focusing on criminal matters. I have represented thousands of people from all over the country with legal problems with good success and I have listened to their concerns and expectations.

I began this law firm with a vision to provide high-quality legal services to people in northeastern North Carolina, both native and visitors. I believe in vigorous representation, but not at the expense of courtesy or fairness. I am proud that clients and members of the legal community frequently praise my staff and me for our compassion and professionalism. I also place a premium on confidentiality and I can assure all clients that their matters will not be discussed outside the walls of my office without their consent.
I am particularly proud to have represented a number of law enforcement officers who were charged with various criminal offenses. When a person who is normally your adversary in court asks for your help it is the highest praise.​
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My staff and I are trained and equipped to help you during a difficult time. I believe in personal contact with clients. I return phone calls and I take phone calls from clients. Even on speeding tickets my philosophy is to speak with the client! What may seem unimportant to some can be very important to a client whose livelihood depends upon a clean driving record. I frequently discuss with clients the issue of lawyer solicitations on traffic and criminal matters and I agree with those clients who don't appreciate being contacted without their consent and who consider solicitations to be in bad taste. I also remind clients that a secretary or paralegal CANNOT give legal advice in North Carolina. Even if you only have a speeding ticket, if your only contact is with an assistant then you deserve better.

I also encourage potential clients to seek second opinions and to call the courthouse in the county where they have a matter to ask about me. I am proud that many of them call back and ask for my help.

For those charged with serious misdemeanors like DWI or felony matters, whether drug-related or violent, we are prepared to help with your defense right away. I love jury trials. I cannot say that I've tried more jury cases than any other criminal defense lawyer now practicing in northeastern North Carolina because I don't know of anyone who keeps track of those numbers. However, I can say that the list of those who have tried more is very short. I cannot emphasize enough that if a prosecutor doesn't know that you'll take a case to trial before a jury then your client will suffer. I have a very good relationship with the prosecutors in this region but they know I will take a case to trial. My clients benefit from this knowledge.

Over the years I have also developed a niche criminal practice in the area of hunting and fishing violations. We are blessed to live in a region where great hunting and fishing are available. As an avid outdoorsman, I know both the pleasure of the outdoors and the risk of running afoul of a game warden or a fisheries officer. I have represented many people charged with hunting and fishing violations, both in state and federal court, and I am proud to have represented several of the premier hunting clubs in the State. If you have such a violation anywhere east of Raleigh, I'd like to help you.

On the matter of fees, part of my vision is to convert to a purely flat fee system in almost every circumstance. Flat fees are great because they don't change and they are not open-ended. Billing by the hour leaves a client with the question of "What will my bill be this month?" We will make every effort to quote you a fair flat fee in writing and I promise it will not change. The exception to this, of course, is personal injury work as discussed below.
I am prepared to assist you with serious personal injury and wrongful death actions.  If you are seriously injured, or if a death is involved, then please call me and I will see you right away. I handle such actions on a percentage basis as opposed to requiring payment up front. My paralegal, Jackie Sanders, has many years of experience with personal injury actions and you will find her to be a very competent and compassionate member of your legal team.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. I look forward to your call.

Mike Sanders

Lawyer Biography

Michael P. Sanders was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on August 13, 1964.
 He spent his formative years in Elizabeth City and in Nags Head, North Carolina where his family owned a beach cottage. In 1986 Mr. Sanders graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism and in 1990 he received his J.D. cum laude from Campbell University.

Mr. Sanders was sworn in to practice law in August 1990 and has practiced in the First Judicial District ever since. The First Judicial District consists of Dare, Currituck, Pasquotank, Camden, Currituck, Chowan and Gates counties. Mr. Sanders built his criminal practice from the ground up, beginning by representing court-appointed clients and moving on to a successful private practice. Mr. Sanders has appeared in court almost every day North Carolina's courts have been in session for over 20 years. The courtroom is truly his second home.

Mr. Sanders' cases have been broadcast on Court TV and featured on the television show
"The Forensic Files."

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Mr. Sanders handles a wide variety of offenses, ranging from minor matters like speeding tickets up through DWIs and felonies of all sorts. He has won "NOT GUILTY" verdicts in virtually every type of misdemeanor case, including many DWIs, as well as felony drug cases, rape, murder, arson and assault. Mr. Sanders has also negotiated favorable non-jury dispositions in virtually every type of criminal case.

Mr. Sanders' cases have been broadcast on Court TV and featured on the television show "The Forensic Files."

Mr. Sanders has on many occasions represented first time offenders, often young adults who are living on the Outer Banks for the summer. Mr. Sanders' approach to these cases has always been to assist the client in keeping a "clean record" and he has been successful with this approach over the years. With the client's permission, Mr. Sanders is always happy to discuss these cases with the client's parents, who are justifiably concerned.

Mr. Sanders maintains a busy Federal practice, dealing primarily with offenses occurring on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Waterfowl Offenses, such as shooting over bait. These cases, while often misdemeanors, can have very serious consequences and should not be taken lightly. Mr. Sanders is one of the very few lawyers who regularly appears in Federal Court for offenses committed on the Seashore and Waterfowl Offenses set for Elizabeth City's Federal Courthouse.

Mr. Sanders has served as President of the First Judicial District Bar and was recognized by the North Carolina Supreme Court for his work on behalf of abused, neglected and dependent children in Pasquotank County. He is also active in the community, where he has served many terms on the Vestry of Christ Episcopal Church, as well as maintaining membership in Rotary. He has also served on many local boards, including Arts of the Albemarle, Centura Bank, Gateway Bank, the Boys' and Girls' Club, Benjamin House and Skills, Inc.